How/where does IRIS.TV interact with my video player?


The two primary points of integration with IRIS.TV are with your video player and your content management system (CMS) via JSON, RSS, or XML in order to ingest (import) and process your video and video metadata.



Web Video Player 

  • IRIS.TV integrates with your video player as an API plugin that turns the viewing experience into a continuous personalized stream for each viewer.
  • For Web video players, the IRIS.TV plugin has "skip" "back" "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" buttons as part of the plugin
  • We're happy to help you keep or remove functionality based on the requirements of your project



Mobile Video Player 


  • We have tool kits for native iPhone and Android applications.
  • Mobile web integration is available for all browsers and devices that support continuous video playback 
  • For Mobile video players, the IRIS.TV plugin has "skip"  "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" buttons that can be built into your iPhone or Android app.




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