How do the Thumbs Up/Down/Skip buttons affect recommendations?


While many other apps and video players use “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” for social media purposes, Adaptive Stream™ uses [Thumbs Up] and [Thumbs Down] to inform the algorithm of viewers’ in-session preferences, and thus instantly adapt to serve them relevant videos.

For example, if a viewer clicks [Thumbs Up], Adaptive Stream™ will immediately store this user-interaction in our database, take this positive-interaction into account, and subsequently serve a stream of relevant videos (i.e. videos with similar data).

Conversely, if a viewer dislikes the video they are watching and clicks [Thumbs Down], Adaptive Stream™ will take into account this negative-interaction and subsequently avoid serving up videos with a similar profile.



For viewers, the end result is that they are able to personalize their stream of videos in real time while they watch.

Skip allows users to progress forward to the next video without signaling positive or negative sentiments to the IRIS.TV Adaptive Stream™ algorithm.

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